L Architects is a Singapore based multi-disciplinary architectural practice providing full scope of architectural and interior design consultancy services.

We believe in crafting meaningful spaces that strive for sensibility and timelessness. At the same time we enjoy finding beauty & new meanings in forgotten spaces & forgotten materials through thoughtful investigations and explorations.

Architecture, landscape and interior work together without severance here at L Architects. If a building comes in contact with the landscape and the building embodies an interior space within then how can we design them as separate entities. We see them as one holistic design exercise in our office. Architecture remains as the middle ground where we respectfully fit in the rest of the disciplines.

Before founding L Architects, Principal Architect, Lim Shing Hui and Technical Executive Tse Lee Shing practice for a total of more than 13 years at established architectural companies, recognized as Singapore and region’s leading firms. Both have extensive experience in diverse projects from high-rise condominiums, strata landed cluster housing and tertiary staff housing.

Shing Hui graduated with a Masters of Architecture from the National University of Singapore. She has been a registered Architect with the Board of Architects Singapore since 2014. She is also a member of the Singapore institute of Architects.