15 x 3

15×3 is a micro architectural office that reimagines the traditional workspace that attempts to merge the concepts of a design studio & social space to fulfill programmatic resourcefulness all within a 15m long by 3m wide space. The design was inspired from its location, an interesting dichotomy of low-rise houses & industrial buildings where the context lends a new perspective to the work & social experience.

To benefit from constant good natural sunlight & verdant views out to the tall matured trees the 3m work table is placed nearest to the window. The discussion/dining table is then strategically placed in the center of the space to ease the transition between a discussion table to a dining table with the 3m long pantry/kitchen leaning against the plywood partition at the front of the layout. The open plan allows the external scenery and natural light to penetrate every corner while promoting the sense of openness, the transparency aids in fostering communication and collaboration among studio mates.

Opting for an economical yet elegant solution to illuminate the space, we designed 2 oversized pendant lights hung above both tables. Interestingly, the unit is located right in the midst of low-rise pitched roof houses and industrial buildings. This dichotomy became a meaningful inspiration where the pendant light takes on the shape of a pitched roof profile drawing contextual references to the terracotta roofs while made with an industrial material – corrugated zinc sheet to address to its industrial context.

The studio’s ethos deeply emphasizes on understated elegance & customization, treating each material and furniture piece as unique artworks that encourages introspection for creative work. Lastly, we believe that the office space can subtly impact the way of life, providing mental repose and comfort.

45 m²
Marymount, Singapore