The House Apartment

Landed houses in Singapore are a rare and extortionate commodity; the creme de la creme of the residential locale. Typically deemed to be at the opposite end of the desirability scale for property in Singapore are ground floor units, which suffer in perceived value often due to lack of view. So when we were approached by a client, who’d always aspired to live in a landed house, to reimagine the interior architecture and design of her ground floor apartment, we sought to reconcile the differences between the conventionally contrary residential typologies.

The House Apartment had its genesis in our desire to belie the stereotypically perceived shortcomings of the ground floor apartment and harness them instead as its becoming features.

While, from its unelevated perspective, there were no spectacular skylines in sight, the apartment basked with a tranquil outlook of trees, greenery and water feature. Grounding its design in the borrowed landscape of this communal outdoor area & a tall ceiling height, we tactfully transposed the residence, in look and feel, into something more akin to a single storey landed dwelling than a unit at the base of a multi-residential block.

104 m²
River Valley, Singapore