The Window Apartment

The Window Apartment is a 4-bedroom apartment unit designed for a newly married couple that is hoping to set up their young family in the near future. The living and dining spaces are located in the middle of the unit with bedrooms on both sides.

When we first made our visit to the unit, we felt that there were too many walls in the unit and when we entered the rooms, they felt isolating, and just not the right environment to raise a young family in.

We decided to take on an experimental approach in this project by creating a series of openings in these solid walls and started putting in some whimsical interior fenestrations so that spaces flow better, creating more opportunities more meaningful interactions & inducing more cross ventilations within the unit without compromising the need for privacy. Through these whimsical windows many beautiful spatial layering could be achieved for this home interior.

154 m²
Orchard, Singapore